“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” 

How are you leading your own life when no one is watching.. behind closed doors?  The effects in our lives of what we do behind closed doors, both positive or negative, are known by all, since they will dictate your results.
A simple example of this is that if you tell all your friends and co-workers that you are working out and eating right, and the result is that your weight has not moved down- it’s a clear indicator that what you are doing behind closed doors is not in integrity with what is coming out of your mouth.  This one is a constant struggle for me.
I see this often in business. Leaders will tell me that they are running the miles, making the calls, following the BFS principles, participating fully in their accountability groups, and yet NOTHING is happening in terms of results.  Here again, its plain and simple to see that there is a lack of integrity.
AT BFS, we believe that leaders need to understand that it is their words, actions, decisions and integrity that helps to create the company’s true values and its culture. Leaders should verbalize their goals and keep all their actions directly aligned with their commitments. The vulnerability that comes with verbalizing our goals is often enough motivation alone to keep us accountable to the goal, while the mere thought of letting others down is enough to keep us focused.
For me, integrity means that a person will always do the right thing; even if no one is watching and even if no one else will ever know. Think about your actions as they relate to your goals.
My parting questions to you are:
What are you doing behind closed doors, when you are one-on-one with the person in the mirror?
Do your actions line up with the goals you have set for yourself; that you have verbalized to those around you; even the actions you take outside of the spotlight?
The level of success that you have in your business and personal life, resides in the answer to these questions!
My best,
Rick Sapio
Co-Founder of Business Finishing School, LLC