“How you do anything, is how you do everything.”   -Unknown

Since the day we formed Business Finishing School in 2010, we have always believed and promoted “Community.”  We believe that if you hang out with a “community of learners,” you can’t help but change for the better.  It is why, nearly 9 years ago, that we first began pushing weekly Accountability Groups.  If you have not seen our video on Accountability Groups, you need to make watching that video a priority. Watch the video now.

And because being in the right community is so important to your success, we have decided to launch the new, BFS Community inside our online membership portal, this week. Watch your email for a tutorial from Morgan. This new tool will allow you to more easily connect with anyone else in our unique community. Please use this opportunity to take advantage of this vast resource of connection to other committed learners, who are committed to putting the BFS Principles to work in their business and their life.

The wisdom of the crowd is far more important, than the wisdom of the individual.   Thank you for helping to point us in this direction.  Many of the great ideas that we have implemented have come from you, the member, or prospective member.

Warmest Regards,

Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC