“People often overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in a decade.” –Bill Gates

The quote above has been attributed to so many successful people.  Why?  Because successful people understand the balance between right now -and- ten years from now.  They know that it’s best not to abandon something that is difficult, too quickly (like a marriage for example). They also know that great things can take 10 years, or even longer, to play out.

Many of us play “whack-a-mole” with our lives, by attempting to do many short terms things and hoping that one of them will work out.  The reality is, your focus should be equally balanced between the tasks you need to accomplish today, and the clarity to execute on your 10-year vision.  This is why we ask our members to complete the BFS Business Frame.  The thinking required – today – to create your BFS Business Frame, which lays out your 10-year vision, greatly enhances the probability that you’ll actually achieve that vision in the future.

Aren’t you looking to increase your success 10 years from now?

Aren’t you seeking those chosen few business moves that will pay long-term rewards?

Aren’t you better off eliminating the 80% of business activities that will give you only 20% of your results, and doubling down on the 20% of activities that will give you 80% of your results?

Please join me and our select group of speakers at our 14th Business Growth Summit and learn how to put Simplicity, Probability and Leverage on the ground in your personal and business life NOW.

Allow us to teach you how to nail down your 10-Year BFS Business Frame.  Allow us to radically increase the probability of you hitting your objectives.  Please CLICK HERE for more information on the event.

I hope to see you in Dallas and help YOU to great success in 2018 all the way to 2028!


Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC