“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith. —Billy Graham

Have you ever thought about what Thanksgiving Day would be like for you and your family in the year 2070?

If you never even think about the future, how can you manifest the best future for your family and for the people and things you care about?  An acquaintance of mine had a Great Grandfather who was a slave, freed during the Civil War.  This completely uneducated freed slave – who could neither read nor write – decided to work with a friend who could write and he developed a “Permanent Family Legacy Document,” instructing all future members of his family to do all in their power to get a college degree, and to stay married for life.  That document created 300 descendants that did exactly that. They worked hard to stay married for life and all got college degrees.

I believe that this incredible outcome would NEVER have happened if it wasn’t for ‘legacy thinking.’  Legacy thinking requires you to look into the future and embed your aspirational values on all that you care about.  Very few people are willing to think this way for the simple reason that they are overwhelmed and swamped in the present moment.

Could you imagine if our Founding Fathers decided that they were too busy to create the Constitution of the United States of America? 

My wish for you this Thanksgiving season is to first STOP.   Create some time and space to think about all that you are grateful for in your life.  Then reach out to the people that have made the biggest difference for you and give them a big THANK YOU.  Then think about those people and their children in the year 2070.  The last step is to take a shot at creating a “Legacy Document” for them.  This document will become the roadmap for a brighter future for you and yours.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019.

Rick Sapio, Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC