-John C. Maxwell

Melissa and I have four young children. When they get upset, we often ask them, “Why are you choosing to be upset?”

They often answer, “I am NOT choosing to be upset, I am just upset!” We then tell them, “You must be responsible for causing your own upset!”

I often ask members of our BFS community of learners, “Why are you choosing to be overwhelmed, overscheduled, and underperforming in your business and personal life?”

Their answer is very much the same, “I am NOT choosing to be in overwhelm, I am just in overwhelm!” Here again, you must be responsible for causing the overwhelm that you are experiencing..

The reality is this: If you wake up everyday and have ANY of the symptoms of overwhelm described above, then it’s best to take responsibility for choosing your reality every day. Just the act of realizing that you cause what happens around you, can be a HUGE wake-up call for most of us.

We all know the solution to this overwhelm and non-performance, right? If you know the solution, then why aren’t you doing it?

Here it is spelled out for you…

The Solution:

  1. Have you chosen a crystal-clear personal purpose statement?
  2. Have you chosen a crystal-clear company purpose statement?
  3. Are you clear on your personal values, and do you live them and make decisions from them?
  4. Do you also do this inside your company?
  5. Do you spend significant time with your children without electronics around every week?
  6. Do you have a weekly date night with your spouse?
  7. Do you eat right and exercise at least four times per week?
  8. Do you have a BFS Business Frame solidified in your business? (Download the BFS Business Frame)
  9. Do you have a BFS Business Success Index of 80 or more? (Get your BSI)
  10. Have you eliminated all the toxic people from your life and business? 

If you have answered YES to each of the questions above, then you are set up for growth, and sanity. If not- you know exactly what you need to do.

Often times, the things we need to do are right in front of us, and we choose to ignore them.

Don’t do that!

My Best,

Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC