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The Quantum Leap is made up of the transformative first three Modules of the full Business Finishing School (BFS) program. Get instant access to all THREE of these fundamental Modules to launch your business fast in the direction of Simplicity, Probability, and Leverage!

Each Module typically takes only 30 days to fully implement. Take the leap with this 90-day, quick-start course.

What Will You Get From This?


We all want THREE things:




The good news is, it is possible to achieve these goals! We created a set of powerful and PROVEN SYSTEMS that when implemented will absolutely maximize profits, productivity, and performance.

In just 90 short days, you can be on the road to real success, not only in your business but in your personal life as well. 

Get into business for a better life.

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Devote just 90 minutes to each Module per month, then use the exercises to put what you learn into practice.

1. Values-Based Decision Making

Learn to leverage yourself and your business so you can accomplish more with less investment of time and resources. Amplify your results for all the important decisions that you make from this point forward .

2. Life and Business "Catalyzing Statement"

We take an age-old principle and revolutionize it with the introduction of the “Catalyzing Statement. Learn how to inspire and pull everyone in your business, or in your family, into alignment.

3. Rhythms to Amplify Time and Success

Learn how to institute rhythms to amplify your time, make you and your team immensely more productive, and eliminate the funk of under-achieving. Manifest more simplicity in your business and personal life. 

Straightforward to Implement,

Guaranteed Results.

 Our specially-designed program will give you the tools and strategies to run your business (and your life) more effectively and efficiently. If this seems overly simple, it is because it is! These principles are simple in implementation and are mind-blowing in effectiveness.

Hear what our community members have to say:

"I just love the Business Finishing School culture, and if you just incorporate what you have learned- your business is going to be successful." -Dr. Kalani Jose

"BFS has taught me the skills to become a confident businesswoman. I no longer struggle with day to day decisions. I apply my values, deal with the situation, and move on. Worry is rarely in my head now." -Trisha Augustine


"This program has given me valuable and practical applications I can put into play the very next day in my practice. It has fundamentally changed the way I see the world, my business and myself." -Jason Wasser

"If your business, your mind, or your relationship world is out of shape or just not right.. this program will help you figure out why, and will help you turn it around. You and everyone in your world will be much happier." -Aleae Pennette

"This program has brought a level of clarity and accountability into my life and businesses that I deeply craved. Creating a foundation of purpose and values has helped me productively deal with the various challenges life deals me." - Josh Hoper

Why Business Finishing School?

After working with 2,000 businesses, we’ve discovered that there are 12 Foundational Principles that drive the success of any business, including yours. In the BFS Quantum Leap, we’ll dive deep into the first three of those principles as a quick-start to get where you really want to go.

Business Growth Simplified.

Get ready to gain everything you want for your business life and your personal through a smart-system implemented by thousands of people before you. Recapture the magic of entrepreneurship that got you into business in the first place. The Quantum Leap could be the answer you’ve been seeking to catapult you to the next level.

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About Business Finishing School

The full Business Finishing School (BFS) program is a self-guided, 48-Module online program that helps you remove chaos, increase profits, and regain control of your time and your results. Through practiced methods and strategies, this step-by-step process will rebuild your business’s foundation in order to achieve immediately growth and results.

Quantum Leap graduates can upgrade to the full BFS program for a discounted price!