“People usually don’t make the same mistake twice, they usually make it 20 or 30 times.”

Recently, I read a report that said that more than 50 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, which means that they have zero dollars in savings.  Even more staggering is the fact that nearly 50% of the middle class would be bankrupt within a few month, if they stopped receiving a paycheck today; which means that even the middle class is living paycheck to paycheck.

How many times have we all heard, “Spend less than your take-home pay, and put that saved amount into savings or investments?”  How many times have we failed to listen to that?  Hundreds?  

Every problem in your life, EVERY PROBLEM, can be traced back to the fact that you let someone or something into your life that didn’t belong in your life.  How many times have you heard about The Doorman Principle or Values-Based Decision Making, which are BFS principles?  How many times have you violated these BFS Axioms?  This is why it’s important to stay current on you practices in BFS.  Values-based decision making, i.e. the practice of only letting people and things into your life that fully align with your values, can protect you from problems, mistakes, long-term issues, etc.  The negative, draining, people and things that are holding you back, will be stopped at the door to the room of your life.

If you haven’t embraced Values-Based Decision Making, than this email is a rally cry for you.  Be the first to declare that you are going to immediately STOP making the same mistake more than once.  Scan your life and seek opportunities to apply this straightforward “Principle” to all areas of your life.

The more serious you combat this “mistake,” the more promptly your life will begin its rapid ascent.


Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC