Business Finishing School is a 48-Module online course for business owners, entrepreneurs, and staff. This blueprint will allow everyone in your business to maximize results, productivity, and relationships.

Our proven program will give you the tools and strategies to run your business more effectively and efficiently.  We will help you identify roadblocks that are preventing you, your employees, and your business from performing at max-potential. You’ll learn how to operate your business using the operating values of Simplicity, Probability, and Leverage.



The BFS program helps your business remove chaos, increase profits and regain control through proven methods and strategies, taught step-by-step.  BFS exists to help business owners recapture the magic of entrepreneurship through simple principles and education. BFS becomes your coach, your trainer, and your mentor by reinforcing the vital requirements that exist in the greatest businesses across the world.  We want you to win at business, and our program is the answer you have been looking for.


Listen to over 50 episodes of entrepreneurs discussing a variety of common business problems they have faced, and telling how they used Business Finishing School’s strategies and tactics to overcome them.

If you’re experiencing an issue in your business- whether it’s time, money, or relationship-based -there’s an episode on it all! 

BFS Podcast by Rick Sapio


BFS has developed an easy-to-use quiz to assess the probability of success of any business. The tool is used by business owners, board members, entrepreneurs, employees, and business leaders as a weighted measure of the 10 most critical factors that determine a business’s health. This simple and self-guided assessment—with a decade of field data behind it—gets at the heart of where businesses tend to fail, especially in light of the global realities they face in 2024.


Business Finishing School is dedicated to bringing immense value to our Community. We created BFStv to talk about REAL business issues, struggles, and roadblocks- and how you can overcome each using the BFS Foundational Principles. Our mission is to provide you with the roadmap to radical results in both your business and your life. If you’re in business, you need Business Finishing School!



You Know That Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

You Know That Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

The wisdom of the crowd is far more important, than the wisdom of the individual.   Thank you for helping to point us in this direction.  Many of the great ideas that we have implemented have come from you, the member, or prospective member.

Waiting for Eternity is Too Long!

Waiting for Eternity is Too Long!

After college, a very close female friend of mine got into a serious relationship with one of my close male friends. After a few months, she...

Why is now, so important for 2028?

Why is now, so important for 2028?

…successful people understand the balance between right now -and- ten years from now.  They know that it’s best not to abandon something that is difficult, too quickly (like a marriage for example).


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