It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.
-Charles Darwin

One of our main goals is to powerfully wake you up to your business potential with quick, positive, easy-to-implement business information.

Ray Dalio is one of the most quoted business thinkers of our time. His new book, “Principles” has been one of the most widely read business books in the past year. I like Ray, because, although he doesn’t use the words, “Simplicity,” “Probability,” and “Leverage,” he clearly has used those operating principles to grow his firm, Bridgewater, from zero to nearly $200 billion in assets.

At BFS, we have 12 Foundational Principles. We like principles because they work for all times, as opposed to tactics, that work for the given moment. Tactics change, but principles endure.

Our objective is to have you adopt principles that will get you to the finish line faster. Today, I want to focus on human resources. In Module 10, we offer you a system to hire the 5,200% Employees, i.e. those rare few, who out-produce the average by 50X. Although they are rare, if you implement Module 10, it will radically increase the Probability of finding that ‘needle in a haystack’ person for your company.

Here’s another piece of the puzzle: What type of person are you looking for? In his speeches and writings, Ray Dalio says that if you are going to hire anyone, make absolutely sure that they have the following 3 attributes:

1. A strong work ethic. Find ways to test candidates’ work ethic before you hire them.
2. Aligning values. Be sure to quiz candidates on their match to your values, and don’t compromise. (Remember the Doorman Principle!)
3. Are they adaptable? As the quote above suggests, people who are adaptable to change will survive the longest, so you need to look for longevity in past positions on their resume.

Please let us know if you’ve implemented these principles and what has been the result.

To dive deeper into this message, join us in September for our Business Growth Summit. You’ll learn principles and tactics to leverage your leadership and grow your business through People, Process and Performance. You can leave with action plans that you’ll be able to implement to scale your business immediately.  Visit for your ticket today. See you at the Summit.


Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC