“Mediocrity is doing an ‘okay job,’ having a relationship that ‘works,’ being just ‘a little’ overweight, or having a job that ‘pays the bills.’ … Most people live in a state of mediocrity. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is the top.” – Chip Wilson

Mediocrity is happy to creep into all aspects of our lives.  It’s when we say to ourselves “this is good enough.”  Our life is good enough. Our health is good enough.  Our relationship with our spouse or significant other is good enough.  Our efforts relevant to our important objectives are good enough. Our commitments to our values are good enough. 

What I have personally learned, is that when we accept “Good Enough”, we are hindering our results.  We are justifying an OKAY life, because we don’t want to make the tough decisions and hold ourselves accountable.

Today, as I write this, I’ve decided to eliminate four very large business and personal commitments from my life.  These are commitments that took hundreds of hours of my time per year, collectively.  These are commitments that were made years ago, when I was a different person.  These were commitments with people who I have grown to love and trust, and will be friends forever.

But the fact is- in the aftermath of 3 unexpected deaths in my family, my wife and I decided to reassess everything. We want to be fully-engaged in life during this short time we have left on this planet. We realized that if we were going to double-down on our relationship, and our relationships with our four children, then we needed to eliminate some of the biggest commitments and reprioritize our lives.  I strive to practice what I preach, SO- minutes before writing this blog post to you, I took the massive step to eliminate four very important commitments from my life, and it took four very difficult emails to write and send.

What do you absolutely need to eliminate from your life, so you’ll have more room for the MOST IMPORTANT people and things?  Stop accepting “good enough.” Have the courage to make big changes. Do it now and quickly reap the rewards.

My best,

Rick Sapio
Co-Founder, Business Finishing School, LLC