“Successful businesses are nothing more than a series of successful rituals and habits; and unsuccessful businesses have poor or non-existent rituals and habits.” -Bill Gates

With every fiber of my being, I believe that simplicity in life and business is IMPERATIVE. That is why, since Business Finishing School started in 2010, we have pushed this agenda. Our upcoming 13th LIVE Business-Mastery Intensive Bootcamp has a special focus on this, and it is themed: The Simplicity Imperative.

In Module 3 of our online program, we teach the importance of “institutionalizing” rhythms and habits into your life and company that will show you how to simplify everything immediately. The goal here is to allow rhythms and habits to help dictate what happens in your business and personal life, versus having you reacting to what comes at you.

It begins with asking the simple question: What is truly important? Then create rhythms, rituals, habits, patterns, and meetings to implement that will seamlessly accomplish those important things. This will result in your organization being less reliant on you, and begin to function on its own, with its own “heartbeat.” This will provide you with more leverage and MORE TIME.

What is something most of us wish we had? More time with our families and relationships! Eliminating chaos, creating routines, and choosing simplicity will give you more time and leverage over the things going on around you.

At our Bootcamp, you will hear from numerous entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses, all while maintaining a healthy balance with their personal and family lives. Who says you can’t have it all?

Here are a few rhythms to consider implementing in your business or life:

Business Life:
Annual marketing plans
All daily or weekly “huddles” with employees
Gift giving
Celebrations throughout the year
Recurring employee reviews
Monthly, quarterly and annual company
Quarterly employee reviews
Standardized vacations
Weekly peer accountability groups

Personal Life:
Daily or weekly “huddles” with your children
Weekly date night with your spouse or significant other
Workout at the same times each week
Weekly play dates with each of your children
Meditation time
Monthly or Quarterly time with extended family or friends

Join us at Bootcamp to learn more on how to simplify your life.

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