This is How Your Strengths (and Weaknesses) Impact Your Bottom Line.

This simple and self-guided assessment—with a decade of field data behind it—gets at the heart of where businesses tend to fail,
especially in light of the global realities they face in 2020. 

The Business Success Simulator was created to help leadership teams quickly turn their assessments into action.

Get immediate feedback on how these 10 factors are impacting your earning potential right now.

So What Do The Numbers Mean?

The Business Success Simulator lets you see how any change to these 10 fundamental business skills will shake out in dollars and cents.

What chance are you giving your business at success? Adjust any one of the numbers to see how that shift will impact your bottom line, helping you project the future growth of your company.

At Business Finishing School, we’ve learned from over a decade of data collection that a 10% increase in your BSI score comes with a 50% increase in annual revenues.

Seeing Your Potential Revenue Shift is Enough to Inspire Anyone.

Business Finishing School is the 48-Module program built to power your success in each of the 10 areas of business that the simulator maps out. Do you ever wish there was a “blueprint” to business growth? Now there is.

For only $299 you get access to the first three BFS Modules through the quick-start Quantum Leap course.

In just 90 short days, you will be on the road to real success, not only in your business but in your personal life as well. Get into business for a better life today!

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