“Courage is the ability to act on limited knowledge and insufficient information; because even in the best of all scenarios, that is all you’re ever going to have.”Bill Gates

As I travel around the business world, and interact with business people from all walks, I am noticing a recent phenomenon, that is constraining growth, limiting creativity, and causing people to leave relationships and companies too early.

The problem I’m referring to is a Leadership Problem that affects all of us.  Ashleigh will even tell you that I suffer from this affliction from time to time.

This “disease” is known as “Decision-itus.”  Decisionitis is defined as the inability to make a decision; even after evidence has been gathered and examined.  The vast majority of us often wait until a gun is put to our head before we will actually do anything.  Many of you who attend boot camps are familiar with the story of a friend of mine who waited 17 years to fire an employee who was stealing money from the company.  Keep in mind, he waited 17 years AFTER he found out about the major theft.  …and believe me, this employee put him through 17 years of hell.

What do you think all the people around you will ask, once you make a difficult decision?  WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG?

I’m told that the root of the word Decision is:  To eliminate other alternatives.

I like that root.

Here at BFS, our goal is to always offer you practical, actionable tools and information; that you can put on the ground immediately.

So here is my very practical task that I’d like you do:  Please write down, now, FIVE decisions that you know you need to make…and MAKE THEM!   Put these “to-dos” into your calendar to remind you.

Once you make the five decisions, everyone around you will marvel. Then they will then ask:  WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG?

The key is to make the decisions and move on!  Don’t look back!  Pull off the band-aid.

Happy Decision-Making!

Rick Sapio