“I cannot continue to live a life I am not born to live! I cannot continue to exert my full strength and energy on that which least matter to the real essence of my life. I am born to arise and do something for something will make me something and anything will make me anything! Arise oh my soul and do something!”Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

As I travel around the business world, my engineer’s brain sees patterns. These patterns have allowed me and Business Finishing School to teach simple, applicable principles and lessons, that can immediately be put on the ground by anyone. Our overall goal is to give you access to information that will give you Simplicity, Probability and Leverage in both your business and personal life. We want you to be the most successful version of yourself that you could possibly be.
One of these simple, yet profound “lessons” that I have struggled to implement over the years is “The Priorities Hand.” (This concept is just as powerful as “Values-Based Decision Making.”) I like to use my hand to explain it- since most of us carry a right and a left one of these everywhere we go. Using this concept, you can be reminded of your priorities multiple times per day.
The five fingers of my hand represent my five life priorities: My thumb represents my role as a husband and a father. My index finger represents my focus on health and fitness. My middle finger represents my work and purpose. My ring finger represents my key relationships; and finally, my pinky finger represents my commitment to learning and growth. Additionally, my palm – which holds it all together – is a reminder to focus on my Creator.
So every day – at any moment – I can look down at my hand and be reminded of where my attention should be focused and, more importantly, where it should NOT.
The most successful people seem to focus virtually 100% of their waking hours on their five priorities, and virtually no time on things not directly related to their priorities and goals.
The corollary to this is the fact that the vast majority of us spend little to no time on our priorities. Our waking hours are dedicated to social media, news, sports, magazines, binge-watching TV, mindless electronic games, toxic relationships, busy-work, and the like. It’s important to point out that I am not judging you for how you spend your time. I am only trying to emphasize that if you decide now to have the bulk of your time dedicated only to your five stated priorities, then your life will “magically” improve.

Try it. Write out your priorities. Cut out the stuff that isn’t relevant to – or that takes away from – accomplishing your goals. Focus all your momentum on those FIVE PRIORITIES. Make magic happen. I am anxious to hear about your results.

Have a great November!


Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC