“Believing in Yourself is the First Secret to Success!”

I was chuckling inside as I wrote this blog post, because these are really NOT secrets. We established these methods over 20 years ago in our holding company, and we’ve been teaching them to thousands of people through Business Finishing School since 2010.

Follow them and success will follow you- as it has for thousands of people that have trusted “The BFS Way.”

1. Create a short and simple purpose statement for your business. Its also best if this aligns with your personal purpose. Example: “We solve complex problems.”

2. Turn your purpose statement into a compelling Catalyzing Statement. For more help with this, watch this TEDx Talk on creating a good Catalyzing Statement. Post your Catalyzing Statement in your office, as a constant reminder.

3. Create a list of values, from which ALL business decisions will be made. Share this list with your team and then use that list every day.

4. Create a solid, long-term business strategy by answering, each of these questions for your business.

A. What product of service do you offer?
B. Who is your ideal customer?
C. How do you deliver and market your product or service?

5. What is your most important long-term objective, in clear, simple language? This objective should be 10 years from now.

6. What are your business’s FIVE most important 90-day-goals; i.e., to be achieved in the next calendar quarter? Share with your team and map out how you will accomplish. these goals.

That’s it. It’s really as SIMPLE as this. If you want to radically increase your probability of success, then start these six simple steps today! BFS will hold your hand through the process.

My best,

Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC