“Doing something 90% of the time is hard, because you over-think
your commitment. Doing something 100% of the time is easier!”
-Dr. Heather Rice

I’ve had the opportunity to interview and spend time with hundreds of successful people over the past 30 years. There are several traits that many of them have in common. If we can also adopt these traits, the probability of future success rises dramatically for each one of us.

1. They think long-term.
It’s been said that people often over-estimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in 10 years- but ONLY if they stay focused on the long haul without changing gears too often.  Successful leaders realize that significant objectives take a long time to accomplish.  What most significant objective do you want to accomplish before you leave this earth?

2. They have the right people in their room.
Very successful people are vigilant and diligent – almost maniacally at times – with WHO and WHAT they allow into their business and personal lives.  Have you taken inventory of the people and projects that you surround yourself with lately?  If you are more ruthless here, you may be surprised at how quickly positive things will happen for you.

3. They’re crystal-clear on long and short-term objectives.
You may think this is over-used, but the number of people that don’t have clear 10-year objectives and or even clear quarterly objectives is unbelievable.  Have you written down the FIVE most important objectives you want to achieve by June 30, 2028, i.e. 10 years from now?  How clear are you on what you need to get accomplished by September 30, 2018, i.e. your quarterly objectives?  Think about them, and write them down now!

4. They spend time on what matters. 
Very successful business leaders have only a small number of priorities for where their time goes each day.  They don’t fumble around on Facebook, Youtube, Netflix, or use excessive drugs or alcohol.  They seem to eat right, exercise, focus on their important relationships, and execute on their objectives.  In other words, they are clear on their life’s priorities, and they only do those things for the most part.  For example, I have a friend who spends virtually 100% of his non-sleeping hours on these five things:

  1. His health and well-being.
  2. His wife and young children.
  3. His business objectives.
  4. His spirituality.
  5. His commitment to learning and growth.

He has realized that these are the most important things for him, and everything else is secondary.  Do you know what is most important for you?  Have you designed your life to only do those most-important things?

5. They have a good mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Very successful people generally don’t wait for a health crisis to get in shape, eat right, pray and meditate.  For most of them, these habits are imbedded into every day of their lives.  Generally, most people can’t find the time to work out.  I knew a successful female entrepreneur who had five children under 10 years old. She ran marathons 5 times each year, and did it all while battling breast cancer.  In fact, she ran a marathon while undergoing chemo-therapy.  Some of you would call that CRAZY.  I would call that “no-excuses commitment.”   Are you getting this part of your life handled without excuses?

There you have it.  Five simple things that YOU can put on the ground today.


Rick Sapio, Co-Founder
Business Finishing School, LLC