Wanted: Solid, Passionate, Hard-Working Candidates, Who Love Working With Other Solid People for a Worldwide Cause


  1. Do you passionately want to work hard and make a difference in the world?

  2. Do you like working around other passionate, hard-working people?

  3. Are you very intelligent?

  4. Do you have a 4-year degree from a great school?

  5. Do you have a history of being a leader in your life?

  6. Do you enjoy life and having fun?

  7. Do you have strong values?

  8. Does it drive you nuts to be around people who don’t pull their weight?

  9. Are you focused, diligent, and non-distracted by Facebook and other things?

  10. Do you do everything that you say you are going to do?

  11. Do you value having strong relationships with other?

  12. Do you like to be rewarded for the impact you make?

  13. Are you results oriented?

  14. Do you finish what you start?

  15. Are you very committed to personal growth and learning?

  16. Are you extremely detailed oriented?

  17. Do you like to move up as your organization grows?

We are seriously looking for those who are the "best-of-the-best", and who want to learn and grow inside of a 20-year-old company.

Please respond only if you answered, "YES" to each and every question above, and explain why you believe you are the right candidate for this company. Send your response, along with your resume, to amooney@businessfinishingschool.com.